HVAC & Refrigeration

Maintain & Monitor

HVAC and Refrigeration systems need to be properly cared for to maintain efficiency as they age. Neglecting necessary maintenance leads to a decline in air conditioning performance as well as spikes in energy costs. We will monitor your equipment looking for parts that have deteriorated or failed leading to poor performance and down time.

We Understand Your Industry

We serve a variety of commercial and industrial industries. Understanding the unique needs of marine, health care, restaurants and government work sets us apart.

Construction & Retrofit


Seacliff Mechanical is committed to you and we accept responsibility for your job from start to finish. It begins with an initial consultation and progresses through conceptual studies, engineering design, construction, final start up and project completion.


Our experienced project managers, technicians and installers have the skills needed to keep your equipment operating efficiently. From minor repairs to retrofit or replacement you can count on Seacliff Mechanical to keep your facility operating at peak performance.



We are ready to build, install, maintain or repair HVAC and Refrigeration systems and bring decades of experience to the table with this specialized work.

Specialized Skill Set

From bid to execution, we have the experience to comply with all necessary government regulations, security clearance and inspections.

Marine & Offshore

Maritime Experience

Seacliff Mechanical knows how critical HVAC and Refrigeration systems are in the marine world. Our team has traveled world-wide to meet the needs of this specialized industry.

Challenge Accepted

While in port, or at sea we are ready to tackle any challenges your vessel may face. From fishing boats and offshore platforms to cargo ships, we bring our experience to you any time or place you need it.


Fabrication & Assembly

Our flexible, experienced team is ready to take on your next HVAC and Refrigeration installations. Your build can be pre-assembled or built on site depending on the need.


We specialize in custom tailored solutions to bring you ultimate comfort, reliability and efficiency.

Predictive Maintenance

Be Proactive

Our preventative approach will help keep your HVAC and Refrigeration Systems reliable and efficient.

Assess & Maintain

You do not need to wait for your system to fail. Allow us to assess your equipment and provide you with a predictive maintenance plan that will save you time and money.

Laser Alignment

Lower Energy Usage

Increase Bearing Life

Increase Equipment Reliability


Seacliff Mechanical Services performs Precision Laser Alignment, the most efficient way to align rotating machinery shafts. Using an adaptive alignment system instead of conventional alignment tools saves you time and money, increases machine availability, prolongs service life and maintenance intervals, and lowers power consumption.

Emergency Services

We Are Here For You

Mechanical failures happen at all hours of the day. Your call will be answered 24 hours a day, every single day of the year and a technician will be dispatched if requested. Our fleet of trucks are fully equipped and ready to handle any HVAC or Refrigeration emergency.

Minimize Downtime

We understand that downtime costs money. Our team has the skills and experience to solve any problem, even the most complex issues. We will get you back on track no matter what it takes!

Union Strong

Local Union 250

All of our technicians are qualified, well-trained members of Local Union 250.

local union 250 logo


Our technicians take pride in their work and continue to attend trainings to be top notch and keep their skills updated.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance Protects Your Company

Regulatory compliance touches every industry and is a vital part of operations. The compliance target is always moving and we help you stay up to date.



Health Code

Refrigerant Regulatory Changes

Energy Efficiency Standards

Climate Compliance